Information for theses course are available on the links below.

CPPFES2005A Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment
PUAWER001B Identify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations
PUAWER002B Ensure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented
PUAWER004B Respond to workplace emergencies
PUAWER005B Operate as part of an emergency control organisation
PUAWER006B Lead an emergency control organisation
PUAWER007B Manage an emergency control organisation
PUAWER008B Confine small workplace emergencies
PUAWER009B Participate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team


The Participant Handbook is available to download here.


Warden Training - This training module covers the roles & responsibilities of the Wardens including:

  • Dealing with persons with impairments
  • Dealing with persons refusing to leave the premises
  • Identification of the procedures for the building
  • The evacuation procedure

Duration approx 1 hour.

Trial Evacuation

- The Trial Evacuation is conducted annually and includes a pre-briefing session as well as a post-briefing session.

Duration approx 1/2 hour.

First Aid Fire Fighting

This training involves the practical & theoretical use of a fire extinguisher, the identification of types of extinguishers & classes of fires and fire behaviour.

Duration approx 1/2 hour.

Staff Awareness Training

This training covers requirements of AS 3745-2010 which states that all occupants of a facility are to be made aware of Emergency Procedures. It is an overview of what is expected of occupants/contractors in premises during an incident. This training can be done onsite or through our Staff Awareness portal.

Staff Awareness Training

"Hot Fire"

This training involves the practical & theoretical use of a fire extinguisher, with participants actively extinguishing Class A (wood & paper), Class B (flammable liquids).

Duration approx 1 hour.

Hazardous Material

Chemical Handling Awareness, Material Safety Data Sheets, types & nature of contaminants, making people aware of radio, chemical, biological agents. Environment Protection.

Duration approx 3 1/2 hours. Held in conjunction with Spill Kit training.

Spillage Kit Procedures

Training covers common spill kit sizes available, their contents and how to use them effectively.

Duration approx 1/2 hour.

Armed Hold up

This training covers single & multiple offender armed hold up scenarios. Offender motivation & victim behaviour & reaction. Premises & cash/valuables protection/prevention/deterrent.

Duration approx 1 hour.

Breathing Apparatus & Confined Spaces

Definitions, legislations, hazards, contaminants. Rescue procedures, equipment use & identification, gas detection. Selection & use of equipment.

Duration approx 2 days.

Bomb Threat Procedures

This training involves receiving the bomb threat, filling out the Bomb Threat Check List Card, reporting the threat, basic bomb search procedures, basic principles of what to search & where to search, time parameters. Options of the Emergency Control Organisation in reacting to the threat.

Duration approx 1/2 hour.