Emergency Evac Procedures offer an outstanding total cost solution

Our costing structure is extremely competitive, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further.

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The Emergency Evac Procedures Response and Training System offers you an outstanding total cost solution.

Outstanding Cost Solution

The Emergency Evac Procedures Response and Training System offers you an outstanding total cost solution. Our thorough and professional training is enhanced by our administration & management system. Our costing structure is extremely competitive, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further..

Emergency Control Organisation

Emergency Evac Procedures provides a two part annual training package and several event driven elements. The service is designed to identify and train the right people as wardens, make sure you have the right systems in place to deal with an emergency and ensure that staff or tenants are fully aware and trained in emergency procedures.

Firstly... The Implementation Stage

In accordance with AS3745-2010, Emergency Evac Procedures will inspect your site and develop a detailed Emergency Evacuation Management Plan and floor plans for your premises. Preparation of floor plans identifying exit routes & assembly areas. Development of an Emergency Evacuation Management Plan. Provision of standard emergency procedure signage for your premises. Overseeing of your initial meeting of the Emergency Planning Committee.

Stage 1:

Warden Training

Emergency Evac Procedures provides...

... hands on training by qualified trainers. All Emergency Evac Procedures' training staff are professional trainers, and all have first hand experience in fire-fighting or emergency services. We provide practical demonstrations, emergency drills and classroom training for all wardens. Where possible, our trainers will attend debriefing sessions following incidents, including false alarms, to review your evacuation and emergency response safety performance and identify system or procedure improvements.

...specialised service to meet your specific needs. Emergency Evac Procedures can develop customised corporate material or training modules to suit the particular requirements of your industry or premises. We currently provide tailored services to a diverse client base including property owners, property managers, construction companies, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, schools, retail, commercial and industrial properties.


Warden Training - This training module covers the roles & responsibilities of the Wardens including:

  • Dealing with persons with impairments
  • Dealing with persons refusing to leave the premises
  • Identification of the procedures for the building
  • The evacuation procedure

Duration approx 1 hour.

Stage 2:

Trial Evacuation

The trial evacuation is held immediately following the warden training. A briefing is held explaining the roles of the Emergency Control Organisation and, if any systems that are to be used, this is explained to the Emergency Control Organisation. A debriefing is conducted at the conclusion of the trial.

The actual role of Emergency Evac Procedures is that of an observer. It is critical that the trial evacuation simulates a real emergency, which in turn requires the Emergency Control Organisation to comprehensively "manage" the activity.

A detailed written report with recommendations and suggestions from the trial will be completed and sent to the Emergency Planning Committee.

Stage 3:

First Aid Fire Fighting Training and bomb Threat Overview

First Aid Fire Fighting - This training involves the practical & theoretical use of a fire extinguisher, the identification of types of extinguishers & classes of fires and fire behaviour.

Duration approx 1/2 hour.

Bomb Threat Procedures - This training involves receiving the bomb threat, filling out the Bomb Threat Check List Card, reporting the threat, basic bomb search procedures, basic principles of what to search & where to search, time parameters. Options of the Emergency Control Organisation in reacting to the threat.

Duration approx 1/2 hour.

Other services

Other services we provide

Emergency Evac Procedures will:

  • Deliver an annual report to the Building Owner on all activities, training and work carried out by Emergency Evac Procedures Pty Ltd during the annual period.
  • Provide an annual Certificate of Compliance to you with detailed listing of all activities undertaken.
  • Supply the Client, Property Manager and the Chief and Deputy Chief Wardens with ongoing support for emergency procedures.
  • Hand deliver training and evacuation notices to all Wardens before each training/evacuation session.
  • Re-train Chief or Deputy Chief Wardens when replacements are advised.
  • Instruct the relevant Emergency Control Organisation members in the operation and function of Emergency Warden Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) and Occupant Warning Systems (OWS).
  • Identify potential risks relevant to your site.